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Updated Mar 13, 2017
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WINDOWS . .  the way they are meant to be.....

The Residence collection and Residence 9 is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window. 

It can be considered for use in Conservation Areas due to its authentic appearance. This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand. 

Looks Like Wood, Feels Like Wood and Outperforms Wood. 

If you are replacing windows in an historic house or character property, you may feel inclined to choose wood. Here are some considerations... 

Wooden windows require regular maintenance over the years to keep them looking their best. 

This upkeep is both time consuming and costly. 

Wooden windows are expensive and will often cost more than Residence 9 

The Residence 9 finishing layer only needs occasional cleaning with soapy water. 

No painting or special maintenance required. 

Wood distorts when wet and cracks when extremely dry on hot days. Sashes can be tight to open in the winter because they swell but drafty in the summer as the timber dries out. 

This can put pressure on handles and locks as they are forced to operate. 

The thermal performance or insulation gained from Residence 9 will usually outperform a timber window with like for like glass. 

Put Residence 9 alongside a timber window and ask yourself which is more beautiful? Could you distinguish the material from the kerbside of your home? Which will be more beautiful in 5 years time. 


Visage Composite doors:- 

We have now added 8 brand new designs to our Visage Composite Door range. The range now also includes the new satin colors:-

·         Light Grey

·         Dark Grey,

·         Chartwell Green

·         Duck Egg Blue

·        Sage Green

·        Powder Blue

·        Garnet Red

·        Stoney Ground

·        Doors without handles for that period look and a heritage lock

Find and like us on Facebook:- facebook.com/CesWindows, twittter:- @ceswindows and Instagram:- www.instagram.com/ceswindows/ 

There are loads of pictures and a chance to like us too.

Please see one of latest thank you letters !!!.

We are new delighted to inform you that we have been awarded the contract again for Garden Village for 2015, we would like to thank everyone at Manchester Tenants Ltd for the opportunity to work with them again on this year's contract. 

You can now follows us on Twitter using the following name @CESWindows 

We hope you will all follow us and enjoy our tweets ! 

CES Windows is now proud to announce that we are now part of the Planitherm Installer Network, there is a link on our new product news page, we hope that being part of this network we can offer the very latest glass with all benefits available to you as a customer. Planitherm has recently asked installers for evidence of Health and Safety policies, Code of Practice and Thirdly Party Accreditation's, for example being Certass registered and proof that the installer actually uses Planitherm glass, CES Windows are pleased to announce that we met all the latest requirements from Plaintherm and will continue to be on the official Planitherm Installer Network. 

Plaintherm which is manufactured by Saint Gobain is the market leader in glass processing, and is available in a number of different to suit your requirements.

is proud to announce the completion of the contract for Garden Village in Burnage for this year.

We would again like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the estate including all the tenants and staff who have made it a pleasure to work for, we very much hope that after are 2nd successful year we have a long and lasting relationship for the future. We really do value every single customer and would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the lovely feedback and comments after they have had work completed on their homes.

Coming soon, a selection of before and after pictures to show you how much a difference you can make to your property when choosing CES Windows to carry out improvements to your home, these will be in our before and after gallery, there will also been a further new section for timber.

We aim to keep the bar rising at CES Windows and ensure that we are at the cutting edge when it comes to quality and keeping up to date with new regulations and products that become available.

If you would like an informal chat or information or a 'no pressure' quote then please do not hesitate to contact us via the showroom or by phone, email, fax, Twitter, or Facebook. 

Going greener, 

Recycling is also a major priority at CES Windows, all of our waste is kept to a minimum, and biodegradable products are used where ever possible, for materials where that is not possible all waste is handled and sorted in a responsible manner, glass, wood, plastic, various and many forms of metal are all carefully sorted and collected to be recycled for future uses in various different forms. 

All our upvc windows are now lead free and all our timber windows are from a proven from a sustainable source. 

What to expect from CES Windows:- 

Our Standard windows and doors are energy 'C' rated. 

'A' and 'B' Rated windows available to suit your budget or requirements. 

Certification to prove that our windows and doors achieve what we claim them to achieve with your name and address and order number on. 

A commitment from CES Windows to deliver that latest and best products as the market changes and develops. 

British Fenestration Ratings Council:-