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When the British Fenestration Ratings Council announced it was launching an energy ratings scheme for windows  in 2004, it was warmly welcomed by an industry which had long fought for independent assessment of the thermal performance of windows in PVC-U, timber and aluminium.

The scheme has been approved as a route to compliance under Part L of the Building Regulations since April 2006 and, as part of the GGF..

Backed by the Energy Saving Trust, the BFRC scheme is one of the most important differentiators used by window fabricators and installers to promote the energy saving potential of their windows. A window rated ‘C’ or above qualifies for endorsement with the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Recommended logo.

An increasing number of commercial and domestic clients and specifiers are now recognising the potential of choosing ‘B’ or even ‘A’ rated options.

CES Windows use REHAU windows and door system, Rehau stated in its first press newsletter, a window rated ‘A’ under the BFRC scheme is actually a net contributor to the energy demand of the building, contributing more energy through solar gain than is lost via thermal transmission.

There has been a huge surge in recent months on enquiries from customers seeking and achieving ‘A’ ratings in windows in PVC-U.

REHAU, which has always backed the scheme, is supporting its customers as they submit their windows for testing, and details of all the REHAU customers who have already had windows successfully assessed are now listed on the dealer finder section of the new BFRC website.

Double glazed units

Low 'E and Low Iron Glass

 Low 'E' 1.1 glass is used on the inner leaf to reflect to heat back in to the room know as 'U' value and a Low Iron glass is usedon the outter leaf of the double glazed unit to attract the heat from the sun outside and it is a source of heat for the the property known as 'G' value.

Argon Filled – The inner cavity of a traditional sealed unit is filled with dry air. A Rated units have the air replaced with Argon, creating an extra barrier to heat loss.

Warm Edge Technology - An incredible 80% of a windows heat loss is through the aluminium spacer bar.  A rated windows do not use this dated technology and instead utilise a modern composite polymer material that is 950 time less conductive than aluminium.

Above package =  'A' rated Double Glazed unit.

Sell Your Property Faster – Energy ratings now apply to your entire home and windows contribute hugely to the overall rating. Fit A rated windows and you’re well on your way to an A rated home.

CES Windows provide window and door packages from 'A' to 'C' rated to suit your requirements or budget.